UIC Password Management

The One ID and Password (OIDPW) phase of the University of Illinois Identity and Access Management (IAM) Project (http://web.uillinois.edu/IAM) was successfully implemented at the UIC campus on October 17, 2016. For more information about the One ID and Password project please see ACCC News & Alerts.

New Password Manager

Legacy Password Manager

There are a few circumstances when you should use our local UIC Password Manager instead:

Activate UIC Netid

If you have not yet activated your netid for use at UIC, use this link to setup your password, password recovery options, and email.

Test your password

Test the strength of your password. The tester runs entirely in the browser and does not transmit your password over the network.

Password managers

Password managers help you store encrypted passwords and manage them using a master password. Use a password manager.

Don't share your password

UIC will never ask you to send your password in email.